Fall 2017
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In This Issue: Important Tips for Contact Lens Wearers *
Balancing Life and Work * and more.

Important Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Whether you're new to contact lenses, or you've been wearing them for years, it's important to put the following tips into practice.

Balancing Life and Work

At one time or another, nearly everyone struggles to balance the demands of work and family. Work isn't necessarily associated with a career – it can be volunteer work, or tasks associated with a hobby or passion. And family can be a spouse, siblings, a much–loved pet or an aging parent.

Fall Fashion

Fall weather usually is so unpredictable. It can be breezy cool in the morning and Miami hot by afternoon. Or it can be freezing. You just never know. Accordingly, fall fashion often is a matter of mixing, matching and melding layers of varying styles that can be peeled off or added according to the sometimes–crazy fluctuating temperature.

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